Protect Yourself During the Closing Process

Get title insurance in Inverness, FL

Most folks would never suspect there could be issues with the title to their newly purchased home - but title problems occur frequently for new property owners. The burden of having a defective title should not fall on your shoulders. If you are purchasing residential or commercial property in Florida, rely on Fidelity Title Services, LLC in Inverness to handle all of your real estate transaction needs. Purchasing Title Insurance can protect your ownership rights of the property and give yourself protection if you encounter any problems subsequent to closing.

title insurance in in Inverness, FL

What are some common hidden title issues?

Let's say you are buying a home, and you're in the middle of the executory period. You're excited to close on your new home, but you find out that someone else has a deed on the property you are purchasing. Don't worry - with title insurance from Fidelity Title Services in Inverness, FL, you'll be protected from problems like these. Title insurance safeguards you from:

  • Record errors
  • Mistakes in record examination
  • Forgeries
  • Unknown creditors
  • Undisclosed heirs
You'll even have the option to call off the sale while the seller deals with any issues. For owner's title policy insurance and lender's title policy insurance in Inverness, FL, call Fidelity Title Services today.