Protect Your Lender's Interest in the Property

Get lender's title policy insurance in Inverness, FL

Did you secure a mortgage to purchase property in Inverness, Florida? Lenders require for buyers to obtain a lender's title policy to protect their mortgage lien if there's an issue with the title. Fidelity Title Services, LLC offers title insurance loan policies for lenders.

lenders title policy insurance in Inverness, FL

3 things to know about a lender's loan policy

When you're coordinating the closing parts of the transaction, it's important to protect all parties involved - and that includes your mortgage lender. If there's a problem with the title of your new property, your lender will expect you to have a loan policy for their protection. Here are a few things to note about your lender's title policy:

  1. It does not protect you, the buyer. You need your own title insurance for your protection.
  2. Your lender's title policy should decrease over time.
  3. Your policy will pay the value the lender gave you to purchase the home, if a title issue arises.
For over 26 years, our primary agent has been issuing title policies to insure lenders. Call Fidelity Title Services today to arrange a loan policy for your lender.