Escrow services in Inverness, FL

Keep Your Money Safe During Your Transaction

Choose Fidelity Title Services for escrow services in Inverness, FL

When you and the seller come to an agreement on the sale of a property, you need to protect your money until the transaction is complete. Before the transaction is finalized, make sure the property's title is cleared and obligations on both sides are met. Fidelity Title Services, LLC can serve as the third-party escrow company in your transaction. We will:

  • Gather escrow instructions from both sides of the transaction
  • Follow up with both parties to ensure conditions are met
  • Protect your money until the transaction is finalized
We will then properly transfer funds to the appropriate parties at the end the escrow process. When you need reliable escrow services in Inverness, FL, call Fidelity Title Services for your residential or commercial transactions.

Providing reliable options for business owners

We've offer escrow services for a variety of business transactions, including mortgages, property transactions and online sales and transfers. You should work with a trustworthy agency for your important transaction. Call Fidelity Title Services today for escrow services, and you'll see how smoothly we can make the process for you.